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        Host computer system fault solution
        Source: | Author:sinoby | Published time: 2016-06-01 | 1457 Views | Share:


        1, first start the computer, and then hold down the F8 key

        2, according to the digit "5" (the command prompt only) enter

        3, type, D: BAQKUPGHOST enter

        4, a carriage return after "OK"

        5, the cursor to "local" enter

        6, the cursor moves to enter "partition"

        7, move the cursor to "from image" in return

        8, in the look in according to selected d: backupzcs. Gho enter

        9, the cursor to the "OK" to enter

        10, the cursor to the "OK" to enter

        11, the cursor to the "OK" to enter

        12, the cursor moves to the "YES" enter can correct management system.

        Second, when the system recovery image fails, then the only reshipment system.

        Installation steps:

        1, the original file first reinstall win98 system, path is: d: backupdriverwin98, after installed win98 operating system, need to install the driver.

        2, the motherboard driver path for d: backupdriverchipestvia432sotup

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