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        3d four-wheel have what advantage
        Source: | Author:sinoby | Published time: 2016-06-01 | 344 Views | Share:

        1, more real measurement data, solved many traditional positioning cannot solve the problem;

        2, provide convenient eccentricity compensation program, function more complete.

        3, the reflector (target) in the precision components, one-time factory calibration, without calibration on a regular basis; Easy to use and maintenance;

        4, no cable drag and drop the worry, no charge, no replacement battery trouble, no signal don't get troubles;

        5, target disk without electronic components, more stable, low failure rate, long service life;

        6, without obliquity sensor, has nothing to do with gravity, easy to other additional equipment requirement;

        7, measure with the chassis height completely unrelated, easily measure low chassis of the vehicle;

        8, easy maintenance.

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